Architectural Exchange has an array of products for you to choose from.

Our unique treasures include mantels, old and new stained glass, garage doors in carriage house and traditional styles, windows, numerous styles of doors, rare and hard to find hardware, fret work, trim, flooring and moldings, cabinetry, stair parts, wrought iron, decorative plaster, lighting and accessories, claw foot bathtubs, primitive to fine furniture, salvaged foundry mold patterns, garden art, rare and other hard to find architectural pieces or just interesting conversation pieces.

All of our treasures are guaranteed conversation pieces. This is why we also offer the following services:

Personal Consultation
Running this business has meant that we’ve needed to become experts about how to re-use our pieces. Many can just be displayed as art, which they are, but it is also interesting to try to integrate an artifact into new construction or restoration. Our experience in doing just that can save you time and energy if you bring us your projects early on so that we can help you find pieces that will complement your ideas. Many architectural elements also lend themselves to being re-used in a totally different context; a column capital as a table base, grilles incorporated into folding doors or a window frame made into a mirror. These are just a few of the ideas that we’ve come up with and can share with you.

Retrofitting and Restoration 

Over the years we have assembled a list of trades’ people who are skilled at restoring, modifying or installing the many unique pieces that we sell. Whether it is an entire paneled room, a fireplace, stained glass or vintage plumbing, we have worked with the best in the field. Please ask us for recommendations and suggestions.

Acquisitions and Reclamations

We are committed to saving what we can in this world from senseless destruction and from the landfill. Whether demolition is senseless, controversial, needed or elective, we have no control over these decisions. However, we have a long established track record of saving the best of a building and giving the pieces a new life for future generations to enjoy.

Dismantling Services

If you intend to save some or all of the ornament from a building(s) and need it professionally removed, we can do it for you: from a paneled room, to a marble fireplace to a built-in mosaic.