Do you want to own a piece of history? -

artifactIf yes, then come now to Architectural Exchange, your source of unique artifacts from Chatanooga’s most well-known structures, found during treasure hunting trips or provided on consignment from people wanting to preserve and recycle fabulous architectural antiques.  Located on the main thoroughfare in the Highland Park District, Architectural Echange is an adventure that transports even the most skeptical buyer of old stuff into a person with endless ideas for opportunity and preservation.

Architectural Exchange stocks mantels, old and new stained glass, best garage doors in Peoria AZ, windows, numerous styles of doors, rare and hard-to-find hardware, fret work, trim, flooring and moldings, cabinetry, stair parts, wrought iron, decorative plaster, lighting and accessories, claw foot bathtubs, primitive to fine furniture, salvaged foundry mold patterns, garden art, rare and other hard to find architectural pieces or just interesting conversation pieces.

Some of the treasures you will find come from local demolition projects.  Others have come from construction companies, remodeled historic homes and treasure hunting trips.  Regardless of what you are searching for, a visit to Architectural Exchange will bring countless discoveries, memories and numerous opportunities to take away and recycle a unique piece of history.

How we salvage our materials

We are able to get our salvaged materials from different sources. When we hear of a building that is being gutted or torn down, our staff descend on the scene and evaluates what items can be salvaged.

We put a team together and carefully remove the items from their location and take them back to our warehouse so they can be prepared for sale. Other times, our salvage materials come from construction sites where there is an excessive amount of supplies and the project does not need all of the materials that have been ordered. Also, we remove and pick up salved materials from people within the community.

Our quality guarantee

We are passionate about salvaging building supplies to keep the environment cleaner along with selling the items back to the community at a discounted price. This process allows us to meet many needs around us.

We are able to build jobs, keep waste out of the landfills, and salvage unique supplies that can be re-used in other construction projects. Prior to selling these materials, we make sure that they are in good working condition and that they will last for years to come.